Behind the Scenes

A Little R&R Between DIY Crafts

Hello Crafters!


It’s been a bit since I last posted! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I got to spend a day crafting with friends and I learned how to crochet! Unfortunately, I won’t have a craft post for you until this weekend but I can show you what I do in between DIY crafts to relax and keep the creativity flowing! I specify DIY crafts because I still do a lot of crafting in between, but mostly smaller projects that I don’t really count. Like painting a pre-printed picture with watercolors or a Halloween prop for my work desk.



Watercolors are so much fun to paint with. I love the airy feel that a watercolor painting has and I absolutely adore how pretty something as simple as a heart makes this picture pop! Pre-printed card stock makes for quick and easy crafting! And it looks fantastic when added to the other items I’ve made to decorate my desk at work. It’s personalized but not messy or overcrowded.

While laser cut wood crafts from Michael’s or Joann’s allow me to paint something more 3 dimensional than a piece of paper. Fall is actually my favorite time of the year and I love the laser cut wood pieces that I can relax and paint. Other than picking out the colors, not much thought really needs to go into crafts like this so I can really relax and unwind while I’m working on them. They’re also great for crafting days with friends!

We can sit and gab over whatever easy craft we’re doing and not worry about whether our lack of attention is going to damage something irreparably. I finally finished the light up cat coffin and next I get to work on this really awesome Welcome sign for my craft room.

Both crafts were so much fun to do! 


New Skill:

Crochet is a skill that I’ve never been able to figure out, until now! Thanks to a friend and her fantastic explanation and visual walk through, I’ve finally managed a bit of super simple crochet. My mother tried to teach me years ago but it never clicked. Then I taught myself how to knit and that made the basic idea of learning crochet even harder to me. How can you do with one hook what you can do with two needles, is what I thought. After this weekend, I seem that trying to put them in the same skill bucket was what was throwing me off. They are similar, but I had to make myself stop thinking in knitting terms and that was super hard! Finally it managed to stick, now I can practice my new skill and crochet all the things!

I also managed to reteach myself how to finger knit and I’m working on a scarf for this winter. I hear it’s really cold in Georgia between Christmas and New Year’s Eve so I definitely want to be prepared! If this works out, I might even make another and do a DIY post for it!


Hanging with the Pets:

Now that my craft room is on it’s way to being fully organized, I spend a lot of time just hanging out. I’ve even had coloring sessions with my cat Potato too.

Honestly, I think she might get a little jealous that I spend so much time doing things other than loving her. She and Sakura love to hang out in the craft room with me, while Odessa likes to bounce back and forth between whatever room Matt and I are in.


Watching TV:

Lastly, another way I like to relax in between crafting sessions is hanging out in the living room watching Netflix or Hulu. I’m in love with Making It and am seriously considering applying for season 2! If you haven’t checked it out yet then I highly recommend it! The season finale was so good it made me cry!

Sakura is usually my lap companion for anything that I’m watching, from Supernatural to The Great British Baking Show. It’s all fun and games until my legs start to fall asleep because she won’t let me move, lol!


That’s the behind the scenes look for this week! What do you do to relax during your down time? Have you learned a new craft skill and, if so, what is it? Let me know in the comments below!


Impulsively yours,



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