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September 2018

  • DIY Crafts, Super Sewing, Tantalizing Textiles

    Tubular T-shirt Headband

    Hair! I have quite a bit of it and it’s always getting in my face, especially when I’m trying to craft! I’ve had to struggle to keep it from getting in paint, glue, or anything even remotely sticky! This week I finally broke down and decided to make myself a headband out of a recycled t-shirt so that I can craft in piece! Do you have hair that likes to make an appearance in everyone of your crafts? Or would you just like to make a super cute headband out of one of your favorite shirts you can’t wear anymore? Well, follow along with me this week as we make one!

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  • Behind the Scenes

    A Little R&R Between DIY Crafts

    It’s been a bit since I last posted! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I got to spend a day crafting with friends and I learned how to crochet! Unfortunately, I won’t have a craft post for you until this weekend but I can show you what I do in between DIY crafts to relax and keep the creativity flowing!

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