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Colorful Calendar

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Hello Crafters!


I’m back this week with a super fun craft that’s going to look amazing on my desk. Btw, I’m totally not making things just for work, I promise! I can’t help the fact that I have such great ideas when I’m at work looking at my barren desk! Lol, this particular craft would work for any space depending on what materials you choose.

Another thing I love about this calendar is that it’s dry erase! No more flipping pages to change the months, now I get to write the dates in at the beginning of every month! (Wait, doesn’t that mean more work?)


How to make a Colorful Calendar:



8×10 glass front picture frame

Scrap book paper

Circuit vinyl

Duck tape

Dry erase marker (any color)



Fiskar craft knife or rotary cutter

Craft cutting board (with measurements)



Other supplies I use and recommend:

Step 1: What are your measurements?

First things first, we need to figure out what size our scrap book paper needs to be cut down to. If you’re lucky and find paper that you like that’s the correct measurements and fits in your frame right off the bat, then you can skip this step. If you’re like me, and have specific tastes that mean you can’t use a precut sheet, then I suggest using the backing of the frame to get the right size. Just trace around the backing with a pencil and then use your craft knife to cut off the excess.

Repeat this process with a blank sheet of paper (I used some from my sketchbook because of the sturdiness) and the vinyl you’ll be using for the background.

Step 2: Cutting windows

Next, I used my craft cutting board to measure and draw out the layout I wanted for my calendar on the back of my paper. When planning the layout you want, be sure to account for six weeks, this way you have enough space on the fromt for the full month no matter what day it starts on. For individual windows, make sure that there’s space for cross sections built into your plan. I made the space for Saturday bigger than the rest of the days of the week because I usually do waaaaaaaay more on Saturday. Continue cutting very carefully until you have all six ‘weeks’ cut out.

Step 3: Sparkles and rainbows

Now that the windows are ready, let’s set something up to show through. I absolutely adore rainbows, glitter, and all things sparkly and shiny, so I chose the Cricut vinyl pack that best suited my tastes. You can use a solid vinyl, or even another piece of scrap book paper if you’d rather, but I like how the vinyl looks in the finished product.


Apply the vinyl to you sheet of paper and fold any excess vinyl onto the back of the paper (I apparently can’t cut a straight line to save my life). Your background is ready!

Time to decorate! I used some very glittery duck tape for the front of my calendar to separate the month and the days of the week from the background. I feel like it makes the text stand out a lot better when the calendar is finished. Also, who doesn’t like glitter?


Final Step: Putting it all together

Put the front paper, the one with all the windows, into the front of the frame pressed up against the glass. Place the paper with attached vinyl behind the front piece then , while holding everything in, turn the frame around for a preview. Does it look like your calendar is missing anything? If so, add whatever it’s missing, if not, then let’s seal this baby! Just reattach the back of the frame and use your handy, dandy dry erase marker to get your calendar up for the month.


There you go! Now you have a colorful dry erase calendar for your work desk, craft room, or anywhere else you want to put it! I hope you enjoyed this week’s craft! Have you made a dry erase calendar before? If so, how did it turn out? Let me know in the comments below!


Impulsively yours,



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