Behind the Scenes

Organizing the Craft room and Shopping Trips

Hello Crafters!


Welcome to the first behind the scenes post! Have you ever wondered what goes into being an impulse crafter? If so, then you’ll absolutely love this week’s story! This week I’ll be replacing the normal craft with this post, but after this week it will be a new section added to the site so that you can get to know more about me and my crafting process.


Organizing the Craft Room:

We have a spare bedroom in our town house that is supposed to be my craft room, that way my mess is contained, but it was filled with piles of books, craft supplies, plushies, and anything else that doesn’t have a designated spot somewhere else.

It isn’t a very large room so the messy state made it very hard to get from the door to my desk, and it was impossible to craft anything in it! Today, my personal project was to get this room organized and ready to be used for heavy duty crafting. Progress has been made thanks to the wonderful people that came over and prevented me from sitting around all day until it’s too late to do anything.

It’s not finished yet, but I’ve found endless inspiration online and on Pinterest, now I have to get my butt in gear and start getting more storage for the craft supplies that I have!


Shopping Trips:

Organizing my craft room would be so much easier if I didn’t go shopping as much as I do, but that’s like asking yellow to not be…yellow. And no shopping trip is complete unless I stop by the craft section!

Matt and I usually go to Walmart when we need to get the household necessities and he visits the electronics while I head straight to the craft supplies. Sometimes he’ll join me and we’ll take funny pictures in the flowers (ok, it was only once but I want to do it again). It’s amazing what you’ll find when you’re just browsing without anything particular in mind. I’ve made myself some cute, and shiny, magnets from some random things that I’ve picked up before. They’re really useful since my desk has built in, magnetic white boards!



So this was a brief look behind the scenes here at The Impulse Crafter blog. Let me know if you have a craft hoard as well, or if you have any organization tips, in the comments below!


Impulsively yours,



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